DevOps as a Service to Streamline Workflows and Improve Scalability

Tie up your software development and IT operations with cloud-based DevOps automation to reach the ultimate performance and perfect in-house workflows.

Clients that Implement DevOps

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DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts
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DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts

Tools and Technologies We Use

Let us help you optimize your business success with an arsenal of
well-proven tools and technologies.

Cloud Providers

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…


MySQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Percona, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL, InnoDB and other…

Containers & Orchestration

Docker: Swarm, Compose, Kubernetes and other…


RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, Redis, ELK stack,Istio, Memcached and other…


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI, Bitbucket pipelines, DroneCI, Flux, ArgoCD and other…


Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana and other…

Configuration management
and Infrastructure

Ansible, Chef,
Puppet, Terraform,
Packers, Concul,
AWS Cloud Development Kit,
AWS CloudFormation
and other..

What We Do Best

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts

Create a seamless project architecture

We lay a well-structured, sturdy foundation for your projects

Automate CI/CD for faster time-to-market

Employ CI/CD automation techniques to speed up the release

Finalize MVP projects for production

Let the professionals polish up and complete your MVP project

Optimize in-house budget and costs

Adjust workflows and operations to cut unnecessary expenses

Benefits of Our DevOps Solutions

Access to professional DevOps engineers

Hiring our DevOps team, you get quick and easy access to experienced DevOps engineers, who are able to power your project with their expertise right from the start.


Due to improved workflows, you cut unnecessary expenses. Additionally, we help SaaS businesses significantly reduce cloud costs and take them under control.

Improved operational support

DevOps as a Services simplifies the data and information flow of a project for more convenient collaboration. You also get better documentation and quality control.

Increased development team agility

As a result, companies notice happier and more engaged teams, faster speed and lower cost of releases. Developers obtain more data storage and computing power.

Our DevOps Services

Infrastructure and Architecture Design

MVP Scaling

Kubernetes Deployment Services

Cloud Costs

Infrastructure Migration Services

Application containerization

We use Docker to dockerize your application and build a Docker registry.

Orchestration and Kubernetes deployment

We outline app resources, deploy Kubernetes, monitor and support Cluster.

CI/CD processes automation

We employ the GitOps approach to automate and deploy services flow.

Infrastructure monitoring and tracking

We set up individual monitoring metrics and deploy warning systems.

CI/CD processes investigation

Optimize your continuous processes with the in-depth CI/CD analysis

Monitoring system configuration

Keep the hand on the pulse of metrics with well-adjusted platform monitoring

Infrastructure scaling

Expand your project infrastructure without sacrificing performance and security

Post-deployment adjustments

We don’t drop your project after the release, fixing any flaws and errors

Cluster set up

Our specialists set up cloud-based, on-premise, and hybrid clusters

Cluster deployment

A GitOps approach allows for the most efficient cluster deployment

Monitoring and logging

We develop monitoring and logging solutions for K8s from scratch

Dev team training

Let us guide your dev team through DevOps specifics and practices

Infrastructure audit

Audit of cloud infrastructure processes helps point out extra costs

Historical metrics monitoring

Historical project metrics monitoring and analysis keeps expenses stable

Recommendations and forecasts

We’ll tell you how to optimize the budget and even forecast some costs

Budgeting assistance

Optimize project workflow and costs with an experienced DevOps solutions company

Project migration preparations

We fully clarify the underlying risks and plan out the migration process

Setting the stage

We prepare the new project environment, automating specific aspects

Project migration process

We implement project migration, switch the DNS, and delete leftovers

Support and maintenance

Your project is monitored and supported long after its migration


DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts

Why can’t you measure DevOps by popular metrics?

When you hire a DevOps team you want to see results. So how do you measure—and improve—the work of your DevOps team? In this article, I will share which key performance indicators you should check, and which will work against you.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts

What should I know before migrating to the cloud?

Perhaps you are also considering migrating to the cloud. Is it a worthy investment? Before you decide which road to choose (clouds or local servers) you need to do an express test of your project.

DevOps Services Company | IT Outposts

How can I reduce my cloud operating costs?

Moving to the cloud can be a complicated process. But the work does not end when you finish transferring your last app to your new cloud. In 95% of cases, the real job has just begun.


DevOps service provider company enables organizations to efficiently deliver new features and retain stability to support the digital transformation. However, DevOps goes far beyond these benefits. It provides a culture shift that removes barriers between development and operations, enables teams to evaluate the scope of the entire system and assess the impact of the required changes. As a result, a company reacts faster to changes and these reactions benefit the end users.
DevOps in the nutshell is the union of people, processes and tools integration aimed to provide value to its customers. In practice, it requires the operations team to get involved in the development process to add customer requirements. The key principles of any DevOps solutions and service provider include enhanced collaboration, automating routine processes, continuous improvement, and customer-centric culture.
The primary goal of DevOps is to speed up the time to market, ensure a more streamlined development process, and improve teams collaboration across the value stream. Often, companies require an experienced DevOps solutions provider to achieve the described benefits.

Our Case Studies

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Companies optimize their project with us

Ekaterina Mogiletskaya,COO
"IT Outposts helped the product company Handy.AI to migrate the project’s internal infrastructure and reduce the cloud services budget. Their thorough approach to DevOps consulting and technical input resulted in a 40% reduction of the internal infrastructure budget. Our workflow was successful and smooth. IT Outposts is quick to answer in case there are any issues and provides excellent quality of work. The Handy team highly recommends this tool."
Ihor Polych,CEO
"The work of the IT Outposts team standardized the deployment processes of our main projects and accelerated the delivery. Our cooperation was supportive and efficient. The team is highly responsible and communicative. At this moment, IT Outposts is our DevOps partner for all the relevant tasks. Professionalism is a distinctive feature of their work."
Tom Steffason,CEO
"We required a DevOps team to extend their capacity and handle a variety of tasks focused on improving the end customer’s experience. IT Outposts created a detailed monitoring dashboard for our development team, ensured smooth project scalability for main cloud providers, and performed high availability optimization. Additionally, they are developing a service for crash dump collecting and sending."
Aleksey Chaschin, CPO
"Our project aims to deliver the best brokerage solutions for a decentralized economy. We hired IT Outposts DevOps experts to manage various tasks - from the infrastructure to delivery optimization. They also provided permanent DevOps consulting services at each stage of the project. IT Outposts have highly skilled professionals on their team."
Oleksandr Popov,CEO
"IT Outposts provides us with ongoing technical support services. To save the infrastructure budget, we are now migrating from AWS to a private cloud. They created a migration plan to ensure flexible scaling and high availability of the project. All the emerging issues are resolved as fast as possible. IT Outposts experts have great communication skills and excel in technical thinking.

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