DevOps Monitoring Service

DevOps monitoring service involves full control of the whole elaboration process. These responsibilities include planning, elaboration, checking, rollouts and employment. Specialists constantly monitor the applications’ conditions in real time and estimate the infrastructure state and related production services. Real-time streaming, visualization and playback are significant monitoring components.

DevOps Monitoring

Tools and Technologies We Use

Collaboration of developers, operators and database administrators is key to the quality of application performance and customer satisfaction. DevOps monitoring support requires the involvement of specialized experts and reliable toolkits. We utilize proven, reliable technologies with a high-level approach to control workflows.

DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring

Azure Monitor

DevOps Monitoring

Google Stackdriver

DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring

Travis CI

DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring

Azure DevOps

DevOps Monitoring

Cloud Builds

DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring


DevOps Monitoring

DevOps Monitoring Service We are Highly Specialized

DevOps experts from IT Outpost keep abreast of the current infrastructure state and when thresholds are reached, our team responds quickly. The solution to these issues is achieved by equipping useful graphs, logs and warnings. Our specialists utilize dependable monitoring toolkits, but great emphasis is placed on human vigilance and reaction velocity. We offer optimal problem-solving services by providing DevOps monitoring service.


Code analysis

The IT Outpost team evaluates your code state in terms of style, possible errors, and syntax. Often we review for the best methods and compliance with coding standards. Our team thus helps to find problems before they lead to runtime faults. We also ensure the code cleanliness.

Annexes productivity monitoring

We monitor application productivity and availability. This means keeping track of response times and errors, following the real customer to understand the level of interaction with the end customer. We also identify problems before they propagate further throughout the system.

Infrastructure tracking

This system monitoring functionality monitors network performance. The toolkits applied to afford real-time data on indicators such as memory, traffic, CPU work. Through this monitoring, we identify resource issues and take preventive action.

Synthetic and network tracking

DevOps monitoring from IT Outpost includes these two types of control due to their effectiveness. By monitoring network control, we determine the components' productivity. Use network flow logs to identify suspicious situations. We use synthetic checking to test software and the system parts' productivity.

Our DevOps Monitoring Stages

The frequency of DevOps monitoring use is growing exponentially and companies are actively using this service for constant delivery and constant integration. DevOps has significantly influenced software development and monitoring must also evolve. Many options are now available for monitoring, such as integrations and the pre-deployment process. The IT Outpost team gradually implements this functionality in your company to effectively control the various project components.

DevOps Monitoring

Monitoring Areas Assessment

Our team determines which aspects you need to control. We divide control goals into main sections. Our categories include examining server health, identifying vulnerabilities, outputting a log, evaluating user activity, and milestones.

Define the monitoring functionality

IT Outpost sets up a monitoring toolkit for reporting. We carry out diagnostics on annex stack problems and identify possible malfunctions. We also integrate notification with instant messages and escalation functionality. We update the settings and analyze the bandwidth losses.

Annex monitoring

Our company selects monitoring toolkits and provides end-to-end stack control with fast troubleshooting. We check CPU usage, availability, database health, uptime, performance and safety. Also, our responsibilities cover server load and bandwidth monitoring.

Optimization of the monitoring process

We utilize technology to modernize control and cooperate with different monitoring technologies. We control a wide range of work nodes, processors, and storage. Our team uses technology to present and communicate information and a custom notification structure.

Benefits of our Devops Monitoring Services

DevOps is fundamentally about fueling business change, and its powerful features focus on structural improvements. It’s about collaboration between teams to achieve automation and successful outcomes. The monitoring usage provides a continuous analysis and monitoring processes about specialized infrastructure elements. Using DevOps monitoring service, your company gets undeniable advantages.

Decrease downtime

Monitoring allows you to maintain the work processes’ health and level out failures. This highest value is achieved through constant monitoring. Specialists automatically respond to performance issues and interruptions in customer service. This approach improves business efficiency.


DevOps monitoring permits teams to work together to refine performance and accessibility. This cooperation leads to complex end-to-end solutions. Lowers the burden of resolving application issues, protects the business from losses and maintains customer confidence in the company.

Network transparency

Continuous monitoring provides complete clarity on the technical configuration conditions. Specialists view the processes of the system, collect and evaluate important information. Your company is assured that significant events will not be missed due to unclear infrastructure aspects.

Quick response to incidents

Implementing the DevOps methodology for monitoring your company, significantly diminishes the gap between finding the problem and responding to the team. Timely management of such issues greatly decreases the probability of threats to operational security issues. 

Check your system and ensure its security

IT Outpost reviews the full infrastructure stack and provides leveling solutions to problems before they fully propagate throughout the system. Write to us to begin your project.

Our Clients’ Feedback

DevOps Monitoring
Petr Kirillov
CTO, C Teleport DevOps Monitoring
“They're great experts that we can trust! Simple and complex solutions were discussed and deployed on time. Another aspect that excited us the most is the fast incident response time. Overall, they’re experienced engineers with great project management.”
DevOps Monitoring
Egor Prihodko
CEO, OneDayBundle DevOps Monitoring
"Cooperation with IT Outposts has revolutionized our company. We needed to obtain certification with Amazon's strict security and operational guidelines so we could connect our services with the Amazon marketplace. I'm excited to say we now have access to Amazon's Selling Partner API."
DevOps Monitoring
Benjamin Theobald
COO, Maxxer DevOps Monitoring
“The deliverables of our partnership with IT Outposts are outstanding. Their experts devised the most convenient CI/CD flow, taking into account the unique requirements of more than 30 microservices. IT Outposts has been able to minimize the human factor and the risks associated with production issues, which is yet another fantastic result.”
DevOps Monitoring
Konstantin Suhinin
Delivery Director, Dinarys GmbhDevOps Monitoring
“IT Outposts created a comprehensive monitoring dashboard for our development team, made sure the project scales smoothly, and performed high availability optimization. The communication and workflow were also excellent.”
DevOps Monitoring
Philipp Nacht
CTO, Financial Services CompanyDevOps Monitoring
“IT Outpost approached our project with great responsibility. Their team has performed as promised, on time. They created a migration plan and secured the transfer of infrastructure. Correctly calculated the migration budget in accordance with our specifications.”
DevOps Monitoring
Alexander Konovalov
Founder, CEO, Vidby AGDevOps Monitoring
“IT Outposts and our core project team members hit it off right from the start. The cooperation is successful! The most impressive factor is their degree of accountability and dedication to the project's goals. Their experts provide superior DevOps consulting on critical architectural solutions and consistently strive to find the best approach to any issue.”
DevOps Monitoring
Igor Churilov
BDM, Steelkiwi Inc.DevOps Monitoring
“We were able to automate and streamline the product deployment process with the assistance of IT Outposts professionals. They thoroughly examined the product and always offered the most beneficial solutions. Also, I would like to admit the high level of communication and prompt handling of any requests.”
DevOps Monitoring
Daniel Scott
CTO, Beta TraderDevOps Monitoring
"We were able to build a strong rapport with the IT Outpost team; they operated in a proactive mode and so gave excellent communication, which streamlined our workflows. Our cooperation has been absolutely successful.”
DevOps Monitoring
Kostyantyn Tolstopyat
CEO, AKMCreatorDevOps Monitoring
“We have achieved deployment automation, and the IT Outpost team has created a comprehensive plan to reduce DevOps and developers’ time by 30 to 50% in the future. Thanks to the infrastructure agility, project development will progress more quickly.”
Philipp Werner
Director, Robotics LabDevOps Monitoring
“The IT Outposts specialists successfully optimized an internal project while delivering top-notch performance for the existing users and removing the dev team headaches. As a result, the internal infrastructure budget was cut by 40%, routine tasks were automated from start to finish, and SLA was put in place with thorough project monitoring.”
DevOps Monitoring
Oleksandr Popov
CEO, MriyarDevOps Monitoring
“IT Outposts experts have successfully adjusted the detailed monitoring of over 35 servers and 7 services, allowing them to clearly define an infrastructure and underlying process optimization plan. It’s anticipated that the infrastructure budget will be optimized by about 40%.”
DevOps Monitoring
Chloe Morrisonn
Chief Product Owner, RECURDevOps Monitoring
“What stands out the most is their extensive background, responsibility, and perfectly established workflow. They are always in touch and ready to address any problems that may come up. IT Outposts team has in-depth expertise in all DevOps aspects, providing high-level consulting regarding key software architecture solutions.”
DevOps Monitoring
Dmytro Dobrytskyi
CEO, Mind StudiosDevOps Monitoring
“IT Outposts helped us optimize and scale our software infrastructure. They also provided thorough technical documentation along with guidance on how to maintain our new infrastructure in the future. Their team was highly accessible throughout our collaboration and promptly and professionally handled all of our questions.”
DevOps Monitoring
DevOps Monitoring
DevOps Monitoring

Why Choose IT Outposts?

IT Outpost provides quality DevOps monitoring services and takes responsibility for total control of the entire development process. Our team analyzes the code and working systems performance. By partnering with us, you get network clarity, fast response to incidents, and decreased downtime.


The main reliable types are system productivity monitoring, service monitoring, hardware condition monitoring, system safety control and audit, third-party combination monitoring.

We use advanced monitoring tools: Prometheus, Datadog, Sentry, Grafana, InfluxDB, Azure Monitor, Google Stackdrive, Amazon Cloudwatch. These tools monitor the services’ health, servers and annexes and measure business KPIs. 

To increase transparency and improve understanding of network performance, detect suspicious activity, which reveals security issues. To avoid cyber-attacks and rapid weaknesses correction. Monitoring also allows work teams to respond promptly to deterioration in user service.

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