DevSecOps Services

The DevOps introduction has greatly streamlined organizational computing. This methodology increases flexibility, workflow velocity and decreases costs through a dynamic work and payment model. But these huge benefits are not always enough when it comes to security. This prompted the creation of DevSecOps services that enhance DevOps information safety.

Tools and Technologies We Use

Would you like to ensure that your IT infrastructure’s security will be implemented the most efficiently? Our experts will apply their best SecOps practices and choose the most advanced tools to analyze your system vulnerabilities to ensure a successful and safe AWS cloud migration. Here are some of them.

DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services

Active Directory

DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services

Key Vault

DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services

Sonare Qube

DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services


DevSecOps Services

DevSecOps Services We are Highly Specialized

Many organizations do not prioritize security during elaboration, which leads to weaknesses and vulnerabilities. In this case, using DevSecOps as a service helps. This approach allows uninterrupted monitoring and work processes analysis. Such control ensures early detection of problems and their elimination.

Security Automation

With the DevSecOps approach, we help automate security delivery processes, namely test automation, which decreases possible security issues. There are also benefits in terms of process predictability and consistency.

Risk Reviews and Prioritization

The team is working on optimizing applications and software settings based on reports after inspections, such as penetration testing. We help you identify the critical issues that affect your business the most.

Compliance Control

The specialists' security team audits compliance processes and DevSecOps experts manage operations that enhance organization performance. For example, you need to comply with the general data protection standard and others to be ready for inspections at any time.

Threat Research

With each update, possible risks and threats appear. The team assists to identify such problems at an early stage and carry out operations to eliminate them. Thus, your business acquires a high level of security.

Our DevSecOps Stages

Using our DevSecOps consulting services helps ensure the security of the entire software elaboration cycle to minimize disruptions. Once the strategy is fully implemented in your organization, your teams are held accountable for adhering to safety practices. Automatic checks also are applied at every development step by integrating protection components into DevOps work.

DevSecOps Services

Current Safety Measures Estimate

Specialists analyze the currently applied protection measures and prioritize them according to the need for changes. The security team performs risk evaluations and modeling. It helps to assess the sensibility of the organization's processes and possible problems.


The team launches multipurpose testing, which takes a lot of time. We verify the success of the software deployment in a staging or testing environment. We use dynamic application security testing technologies that analyze software for likely high-threat issues.

Combining Safety with DevOps

The team focuses here on protecting the infrastructure by governing client access and managing secret information, file-system permissions, as well as studying environment settings. We protect your system from malicious users by auditing API keys and access tokens.

DevSecOps Integration

The team solves issues that already arise in the current production environment. We review any changes, such as differences in settings between the production system and other staging environments. We use a toolkit that helps find violations and disable vulnerable servers.

Benefits of our DevSecOps Solutions

Software development is becoming more automated and faster. To maintain a competitive edge, your business needs to execute DevOps protection for adoption. DevSecOps consulting from IT Outpost comprehensively protects your infrastructure and software, and the elaboration time is significantly reduced.

Using Security Resources

Due to the methodology, most of the manual processes and protection operations are automated. For example, monitoring, infrastructure security, account control, or vulnerability evaluation. Such resources help to eliminate risks.

Accurate Automatic Checks

DevSecOps is great for organizations where velocity plays an essential role in software development. Implementing automated checks is an important step. They pinpoint bugs and help identify fixes that won’t slow down software updates.

Cost Savings Possibility

DevSecOps automation helps your business save funds by speeding up software delivery. This factor will also be affected by a decrease in the likelihood of a strong cyberattack and a reduction in the operational staff, which were previously responsible for SDLC security.

Early Problem Detection

Through static and dynamic application security checks, vulnerabilities are fixed early and at low expenses. These tools are embedded in the ongoing delivery process. In addition, you can make isolated automated processes for validations and reporting.

Execute DevOps protection and adapt to promptly changing business requirements

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Our Clients’ Feedback

DevSecOps Services
Petr Kirillov
CTO, C Teleport DevSecOps Services
“They're great experts that we can trust! Simple and complex solutions were discussed and deployed on time. Another aspect that excited us the most is the fast incident response time. Overall, they’re experienced engineers with great project management.”
DevSecOps Services
Egor Prihodko
CEO, OneDayBundle DevSecOps Services
"Cooperation with IT Outposts has revolutionized our company. We needed to obtain certification with Amazon's strict security and operational guidelines so we could connect our services with the Amazon marketplace. I'm excited to say we now have access to Amazon's Selling Partner API."
DevSecOps Services
Benjamin Theobald
COO, Maxxer DevSecOps Services
“The deliverables of our partnership with IT Outposts are outstanding. Their experts devised the most convenient CI/CD flow, taking into account the unique requirements of more than 30 microservices. IT Outposts has been able to minimize the human factor and the risks associated with production issues, which is yet another fantastic result.”
DevSecOps Services
Konstantin Suhinin
Delivery Director, Dinarys GmbhDevSecOps Services
“IT Outposts created a comprehensive monitoring dashboard for our development team, made sure the project scales smoothly, and performed high availability optimization. The communication and workflow were also excellent.”
DevSecOps Services
Philipp Nacht
CTO, Financial Services CompanyDevSecOps Services
“IT Outpost approached our project with great responsibility. Their team has performed as promised, on time. They created a migration plan and secured the transfer of infrastructure. Correctly calculated the migration budget in accordance with our specifications.”
DevSecOps Services
Alexander Konovalov
Founder, CEO, Vidby AGDevSecOps Services
“IT Outposts and our core project team members hit it off right from the start. The cooperation is successful! The most impressive factor is their degree of accountability and dedication to the project's goals. Their experts provide superior DevOps consulting on critical architectural solutions and consistently strive to find the best approach to any issue.”
DevSecOps Services
Igor Churilov
BDM, Steelkiwi Inc.DevSecOps Services
“We were able to automate and streamline the product deployment process with the assistance of IT Outposts professionals. They thoroughly examined the product and always offered the most beneficial solutions. Also, I would like to admit the high level of communication and prompt handling of any requests.”
DevSecOps Services
Daniel Scott
CTO, Beta TraderDevSecOps Services
"We were able to build a strong rapport with the IT Outpost team; they operated in a proactive mode and so gave excellent communication, which streamlined our workflows. Our cooperation has been absolutely successful.”
DevSecOps Services
Kostyantyn Tolstopyat
CEO, AKMCreatorDevSecOps Services
“We have achieved deployment automation, and the IT Outpost team has created a comprehensive plan to reduce DevOps and developers’ time by 30 to 50% in the future. Thanks to the infrastructure agility, project development will progress more quickly.”
Philipp Werner
Director, Robotics LabDevSecOps Services
“The IT Outposts specialists successfully optimized an internal project while delivering top-notch performance for the existing users and removing the dev team headaches. As a result, the internal infrastructure budget was cut by 40%, routine tasks were automated from start to finish, and SLA was put in place with thorough project monitoring.”
DevSecOps Services
Oleksandr Popov
CEO, MriyarDevSecOps Services
“IT Outposts experts have successfully adjusted the detailed monitoring of over 35 servers and 7 services, allowing them to clearly define an infrastructure and underlying process optimization plan. It’s anticipated that the infrastructure budget will be optimized by about 40%.”
DevSecOps Services
Chloe Morrisonn
Chief Product Owner, RECURDevSecOps Services
“What stands out the most is their extensive background, responsibility, and perfectly established workflow. They are always in touch and ready to address any problems that may come up. IT Outposts team has in-depth expertise in all DevOps aspects, providing high-level consulting regarding key software architecture solutions.”
DevSecOps Services
Dmytro Dobrytskyi
CEO, Mind StudiosDevSecOps Services
“IT Outposts helped us optimize and scale our software infrastructure. They also provided thorough technical documentation along with guidance on how to maintain our new infrastructure in the future. Their team was highly accessible throughout our collaboration and promptly and professionally handled all of our questions.”
DevSecOps Services
DevSecOps Services
DevSecOps Services

Why Choose IT Outposts?

IT Outpost helps improve the security of your business processes with cloud solutions for DevSecOps. Your organization will receive automated testing. The team helps you identify problems early and prioritize the weak spots that affect your business the most by reference to advanced tools. With us, your infrastructure and software will be protected in the best possible way.


DevSecOps first protects software and infrastructure and shortens development time. Constant monitoring and analysis help to avoid loopholes in the early elaboration stages and eliminate them immediately. And a short development period grows the efficiency of workflows.

Problems can be technology overload, cloud complexity, complicated regulation, lack of resources, and knowledge gaps. These problems are solved by the competent approach of our engineers from IT Outpost.

The main components are application inventory and API, architecture security, communication and close collaboration, automation and ongoing monitoring.

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