IT Outposts: Your Path to Kubernetes Cost Savings

Kubernetes provides an isolated environment where you allocate precise resources so you know exactly what they’ll cost. As you need to scale up or down, you can forecast the cost impact since you know the spending range for adding or removing resources. Yet, resource visibility is just the starting point. You need to align your Kubernetes setup with your actual business workflows and budgets to achieve cost savings.

We focus on Kubernetes cost optimization from the start. We don’t over-provision resources needlessly. Instead, our team analyzes historical usage and future goal data and right-sizes the infrastructure to minimize excess spending.

IT Outposts will help you continuously control your budget using Kubernetes’ transparent resourcing as the foundation.

Kubernetes Cost Savings

Signs Your Kubernetes Needs Cost Controllability

You want to minimize scaling cost

Adding cloud resources to support increased traffic can result in extremely high costs if not optimized properly. You must provision enough capacity for performance while not overspending on the excess you don't require.

You want to improve operational efficiency

As infrastructure grows, manually tracking spending across all your Kubernetes environments is difficult. With more apps and teams, optimizing resource allocation will become more time-intensive. Your team will have to constantly monitor usage, analyze cost drivers, and resize resources, carefully avoiding over-provisioning or under-provisioning issues. It's an operational burden prone to human errors and oversight.

You need robust cost governance and compliance

As your Kubernetes usage expands across environments and teams, adherence to budgets becomes paramount. Left unchecked, decentralized scaling decisions by different app owners can cause spending to spiral out of control, going against your company policies and budgetary constraints.

Maximize Your ROI with Kubernetes

Constant monitoring and analytics

Cost controllability starts with data. We integrate analytics tools to continuously analyze cluster metrics and resource usage patterns. Our team also leverages AI/ML to forecast demands and model the cost impact of different scaling scenarios.

Aligning with the DevOps philosophy of tight Dev and Ops collaboration, we also work closely with your development teams to define and track custom metrics tied to your applications. The analytics extend across cluster health, performance, reliability — any data source that gives insight into your overall cost profile.

Capacity planning

Capacity planning is essential for Kubernetes cost reduction to avoid overprovisioning resources you don’t need or underprovisioning and facing performance issues. On the development side, we collaborate with your engineering teams to understand any updates that could impact future resource demands.

In parallel, we engage with business stakeholders to capture growth forecasts and budgetary limits. As business priorities evolve, we adjust the capacity plan to cost-efficiently scale your Kubernetes alongside changing needs.

Flexible scaling

Once we understand your cyclical needs, burstable workloads, and any seasonal fluctuations you experience, our team can configure holistic autoscaling policies across all resources. IT Outposts also focuses on proactive scaling to trigger scaling actions ahead of impending demand spikes or lulls. 

Scheduling is another cost-saving technique we employ. For example, some testing clusters may only need full capacity during working hours. We can schedule them to downscale overnight to minimal resources when not in active use.

The scheduling is customized based on your development cycles and customer demand patterns. If your applications see peak loads around lunch, we can predictively scale up capacity ahead of time for a smooth user experience.

Managing the cost of Kubernetes across environments

You maintain multiple Kubernetes environments -— dev, staging, and production. We tailor Kubernetes cost optimization strategies for each environment based on its resource demands, too.

For dev clusters used in active coding and testing, we allocate fewer resources since maximum availability isn’t critical. It’s a scaled-down replica. Staging requires more capacity since it’s closer to production, but we still find optimization opportunities as it’s not under full load yet. In production, we ensure cost-effective resourcing to reliably handle live user traffic.

IT Outposts also caters to temporary needs like feature branching. When your developers need to quickly spin up a cluster to test a new feature, we can provision it on-demand and then deprovision the cluster to avoid wasteful costs.

Hybrid setup approach

When architecting your Kubernetes setup, we combine cloud-native services with third-party open-source tools — whichever mix delivers the most cost-effective solution. 

While cloud services are convenient, they can be overly expensive for non-core needs like monitoring, logging, caching, and more. Third-party monitoring tools, like Prometheus and Grafana, provide similar functionality at a lower cost, especially when deployed directly on your Kubernetes cluster. You can save up to 30% by using open-source monitoring solutions.

Evaluating cloud offerings for cost-saving measures

Cloud providers regularly release new services, pricing plans, and discounts. Some of these may relate to Kubernetes cost reduction. When they do, our team evaluates whether new offerings are suitable for your environment. If we identify ways they could save you costs, we’ll implement these services to maximize your organization’s benefits.

Our Data Management Consulting Stages


Our first step is to assess your current digital infrastructure and operations to identify any areas that need improvement. This includes evaluating software and whole network systems, as well as reviewing current processes and procedures.


Based on the results of the assessment, we develop a comprehensive plan for improving operations that take place in data center you choose. This includes identifying areas for optimization, recommending new technologies and tools, and developing a roadmap for implementation.


At this stage, we implement the plan and make any necessary changes to your IT infrastructure and operations. This includes installing new software, as well as configuring and integrating existing systems.

Kubernetes Cost Savings

Our Approach to Managing Kubernetes Expenses

Monitoring and reporting

Throughout the process, our team will set up monitoring and reporting to track resource usage, cost trends, and the impact of our optimizations. This will allow us to continuously refine our Kubernetes cost-saving approach and ensure long-term cost efficiency.

Cost analysis

Once our team has a clear picture of your setup, we'll break down your current cost into categories like compute instances, storage, and networking. Cost analysis will let us identify areas where you might be spending more than necessary.


One of the most important steps is right-sizing your resources to match your actual usage patterns. Our team will study how much compute power, memory, and storage your workloads are truly consuming and then create and implement strategies to adjust your resource requests and limits accordingly.

Infrastructure assessment

First, we'll analyze your cluster configurations, determine your resource capacity use, and understand the different types of workloads you're running.

Ongoing support

IT Outposts will continuously monitor your Kubernetes spending trends, watching for any sudden spikes. If we identify any concerning trends, our team will investigate the root causes to course-correct.

Make Every Dollar Count

Container orchestration opens up many automation possibilities, but it's easy to overspend without the right Kubernetes cost-saving approach. Align your infrastructure with your actual needs. Running cost-optimized Kubernetes, you can confidently invest in the latest tech while keeping your operations resilient.

Our Clients’ Feedback

Kubernetes Cost Savings
Petr Kirillov
CTO, C Teleport Kubernetes Cost Savings
Thanks to IT Outposts' efforts, we have kept their app deployment on schedule and achieved a great incident response time. IT Outposts is trustworthy and an expert in their field; they can come up with complex solutions on time, demonstrating outstanding experience.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Egor Prihodko
CEO, OneDayBundle Kubernetes Cost Savings
Cooperation with IT Outposts has been a game-changer for our business. Our main goal was to get certified with Amazon's strict security and operational rules so we could integrate our services directly with the Amazon marketplace. I'm thrilled to say we got access to Amazon's Selling Partner API.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Benjamin Theobald
COO, Maxxer Kubernetes Cost Savings
IT Outposts’ efforts have mitigated human errors and streamlined the development process, meeting expectations. They’ve facilitated a productive workflow through a collaborative approach. Their experience, accountability, and professionalism accentuate their high-quality output.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Konstantin Suhinin
Delivery Director, Dinarys GmbhKubernetes Cost Savings
The IT Outposts team created a detailed monitoring dashboard that ensured smooth project scalability for main cloud providers and performed high availability optimization for their platform. The company was quite happy to work with such talented professionals.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Philipp Nacht
CTO, Financial Services CompanyKubernetes Cost Savings
A responsible partner, IT Outpost has worked hard to handle the client's project, executing their dedication and commitment. The team has professionally accommodated all the client's requests. They are communicative, diligent, and knowledgeable in the workflow.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Alexander Konovalov
Founder, CEO, Vidby AGKubernetes Cost Savings
With the ongoing project, the team has prepared an architecture plan and has deployed the infrastructure of the platform. They are having an effective and smooth collaboration so far. The client is impressed by IT Outposts' commitment and accountability as their partnership continues.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Igor Churilov
BDM, Steelkiwi Inc.Kubernetes Cost Savings
IT Outposts helped the company automate and unify the product deployment workflow. They provided solutions that were successfully accepted by the company's internal project team. They led excellent communication that ensured a productive workflow.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Daniel Scott
CTO, Beta TraderKubernetes Cost Savings
IT Outposts successfully executed seamless project management by developing a productive strategy that managed confidential data, customer functions, and admission permissions. They worked closely with the client and communicated well. Their accountability and skills were notable in the workflow.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Kostyantyn Tolstopyat
CEO, AKMCreatorKubernetes Cost Savings
With IT Outposts, the company achieved their goal of deployment automation. The vendor team developed a thorough plan that led to about 30%–50% savings in time and faster project implementation. They impressed the client by being present at every stage of communication.
Philipp Werner
Director, Robotics LabKubernetes Cost Savings
So far, IT Outposts has reduced the client's internal infrastructure budget by 40%. The work is being done perfectly by the team, and they are willing to make any changes to improve the quality of their work. The team communicates effectively with the internal team to ensure a smooth workflow.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Oleksandr Popov
CEO, MriyarKubernetes Cost Savings
IT Outposts is monitoring over 35 servers and seven services, which has allowed them to outline a clear infrastructure to optimize underlying processes. They've also optimized the budget by about 40% and have a plan to further optimize resource use.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Chloe Morrisonn
Chief Product Owner, RECURKubernetes Cost Savings
IT Outposts has successfully performed the client’s requirements, meeting expectations. Their collaborative and communicative approach ensures an efficient and seamless workflow. Beyond their in-depth DevOps expertise, their outstanding project management is impressive.
Kubernetes Cost Savings
Dmytro Dobrytskyi
CEO, Mind StudiosKubernetes Cost Savings
IT Outposts helped the client move their infrastructure to AWS and configure Docker and Kubernetes for faster project environment setup. They also delivered detailed technical documentation and instructions on maintaining the new infrastructure. Moreover, the vendor was responsive and timely.
Kubernetes Cost Savings

Why Choose IT Outposts?

Your IT needs will fluctuate as your business grows or seasons change. Our team provides a flexible model to easily scale resources up or down without being trapped by the fixed costs of in-house teams. It’s yet another avenue to optimize your spending. Keep Kubernetes costs under control with IT Outposts.


The key to reducing your Kubernetes costs is optimizing your setup to only pay for the resources you actually need. But this isn’t a straightforward process — it requires specialized expertise to analyze your resource usage patterns and make the right adjustments.

The amount of cost savings will vary depending on your specific Kubernetes setup and usage patterns. During the consultation, we’ll provide an estimate based on your environment to give you an idea of the potential savings.

Absolutely not. Our primary goal is to optimize costs without compromising availability. IT Outposts carefully analyzes your workload requirements and ensures any resource adjustments or configuration changes maintain the necessary levels of performance and uptime for your applications.

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