Cloud Architecture Design Services

Achieve the ultimate cloud performance with the help of years’ worth of field expertise and experience put at the heart of your cloud architecture – employ game-changer cloud architecture design services by IT Outposts.

Cloud Architecture Design Services

Tools and Technologies We Use

IT Outposts is an established provider of software development and optimization, DevOps, and other specialized services with a well-adjusted tech stack. We employ the approaches and technologies that bring unique cloud infrastructure designs to life.

Cloud Providers

Amazon AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Any Private Cloud and other…


MySQL, MongoDB, PostgresSQL, Percona, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL, InnoDB and other…

Containers & Orchestration

Docker: Swarm, Compose, Kubernetes and other…


RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, Apache Cassandra, Redis, ELK stack,Istio, Memcached and other…


Jenkins, CitLab, GitHub, Teamcity, CircleCI, Travis CI, Bitbucket pipelines, DroneCI, Flux, ArgoCD and other…


Zabbix, Nagios, Prometheus, Grafana and other…

Configuration management
and Infrastructure

Ansible, Chef,
Puppet, Terraform,
Packers, Concul,
AWS Cloud Development Kit,
AWS CloudFormation
and other..

Cloud Architecture Services We Provide

Cloud architecture design

We create unique cloud-powered architectures based on robust, high-performance, scalable designs that streamline business opportunities.

Infrastructure migration

Timely legacy infrastructure modernization and migration help scale and improve tech and business capacities in line with the market growth.

Cloud costs optimization

We analyze existing cloud infrastructures, provide specialized consulting, and implement DevOps techniques that cut costs and optimize expenses.

DevOps consulting

Profiled DevOps consulting that we provide in terms of cloud architecture services combines development and operations effort to improve internal processes.

Our Cloud Architecture
Design Stages

At IT Outposts, we offer full-cycle cloud computing architecture services tailored to your goals and needs. Based on workflows elaborated in the active field operation, we can put the best practices combined with our own expertise at the core of your projects.

Cloud Architecture Design Services

Benefits of Our Cloud Design Services

Get a grip on cloud costs

We help big enterprises and small-mid scale companies alike closely maintain cloud costs and eliminate tons of unnecessary expenses through individually optimized architectures that fully reflect your business capacities.

Employ scaling opportunities

With a sturdy cloud-based software architecture, you get unlimited scaling opportunities possible only in cloud environments. We build versatile infrastructures that help your business expand naturally.

Reinforce software security

Yet another unrivaled advantage of cloud environments is the flexible security opportunities. Remote access opportunities enable reinforced security that simply doesn’t leave room for unauthorized interaction attempts.

Minimize cloud downtime

Get a robust cloud architecture designed for you from scratch that runs fast on balanced resources, grants inviting user experience, performs stably in the harshest conditions, and pushes workflow efficiency.

Get an advanced design

At IT Outposts, we are focused on creating unique designs that emphasize brand identities and streamline workflows. Let’s implement a cloud architecture that will suit your business best.

Our Clients’ Feedback

Cloud Architecture Design Services

Why Choose IT Outposts?

We specialize in DevOps outsourcing that spans over a range of IT services and across all existing industries. Our cloud design services are focused on revealing new prospects and streamlining software efficiency with the help of cloud opportunities.


Solutions with different scopes of features and performance capacities fit different project goals. If we are talking about a startup or a small-scale business/project, templated SaaS solutions may be the best fit. In other cases, custom designs can be built that reflect brand attributes and values through reliable structures.

In any case, specialists at IT Outposts will help you pick the most fitting type of cloud architecture based on your individual values, goals, and vision. We will select the architecture model that fits your budget, deadlines, and “maximum requirements”.

Not all types of business and even industries can be beneficially covered by cloud capacities by far. For instance, niches where hardware with static firmware is mostly used or where companies are obliged by law to have physical control over the stored data.

Cloud brings extensive opportunities, however, for the vast majority of other organizations, from healthcare and insurance to education and real estate. We can help you streamline performance and overall productivity in any of those niches with streamlined cloud architecture designs.

Cloud architecture design implementation may require felt investments which, however, more than pay off in the long-term due to outstanding cloud scaling opportunities. The headstart investment, though, can be affected by a range of factors, including the project scope, readymade integrations or custom hardcoding tasks, data capacities, extra services, and, of course, specialist rates.

As for the latter, at IT Outposts we help optimize costs via flexible collaboration models and thorough technological optimizations that translate to conversions and boosts. We can help you achieve long-term efficiency at a reasonable cost right now.