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Exchange Migration to Office 365

If your work is related to software development or you are running your business online, you probably have heard of such terms as IT infrastructure or infrastructure information technology.

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Why can’t you measure DevOps by popular metrics?

When you hire a DevOps team you want to see results. So how do you measure—and improve—the work of your DevOps team? In this article, I will share which key performance indicators you should check, and which will work against you.

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What should I know before migrating to the cloud?

Perhaps you are also considering migrating to the cloud. Is it a worthy investment? Before you decide which road to choose (clouds or local servers) you need to do an express test of your project.

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How can I reduce my cloud operating costs?

Moving to the cloud can be a complicated process. But the work does not end when you finish transferring your last app to your new cloud. In 95% of cases, the real job has just begun.

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Do I really need DevOps as a service In my Start-Up?

The tech world can be complicated. Sometimes it feels like tech experts are from another planet and talk in a completely original language. For example, you have probably heard about ‘DevOps as a service’, but what does that really mean?

Blog | IT Outposts

How can DevOps grow my e-commerce business?

Did you know that Shopify was the first big e-commerce platform to implement DevOps tools in their business? The story starts in 2016…

Blog | IT Outposts

How to control DevOps?

In this article you will learn what are possible risks or DevOps and how to overcome them and control DevOps

Blog | IT Outposts

Do I Really Need Kubernetes for my Start-Up?

In this article, you will know what the Kubernetes DevOps tool does for start-ups, which big names companies use it in their business. Article answers the question should you choose Kubernetes for your start-up?

Blog | IT Outposts

Cloud Migration Challenges You Need to Consider

Complete understanding of the cloud migration challenges and the ways of handling them will enable companies to develop comprehensive migration strategies and meet their business needs.

Blog | IT Outposts

Top DevOps Statistics and Trends You Need to Know

Discover the latest DevOps statistics, facts, and trends for 2021 stressing the importance of implementing DevOps best practices and hiring experts in our article

Blog | IT Outposts

IT Outposts Receives First Review on Clutch

It Outposts is a cloud and DevOps services agency that provides project architecture, MVP development, CI and CD optimization, workflow improvement, and more.

Blog | IT Outposts

Microservices Decomposition Strategy in 2024

Contrary to all beliefs, microservices are not a one-size-fits-all approach. Although monolithic programming is becoming less and less popular, it

Blog | IT Outposts

DevOps Engineer Salary: Full Guide

DevOps engineer salary helps grasp what is happening in the contemporary IT market. How? Investigate this in the post

Blog | IT Outposts

How to Reduce AWS Costs: Detailed Overview

Let’s look at how the AWS pricing models work to reduce your AWS costs. AWS operational costs can seem daunting when you are trying to understand how to reduce them.

Blog | IT Outposts

Terraform Modules Overview

Learn how modules can solve configuration problems, how Terraform modules are structured, and how to create and use modules effectively in this tutorial.

Blog | IT Outposts

7 Essential Threats and Risks in Cloud Migration

Based on our own experience, we gathered top 7 essential threats and risks in cloud migration. Make sure you are aware of possible issues before migrating.

Blog | IT Outposts

IaaS VS PaaS VS SaaS: What’s the Difference?

In terms of cloud services, companies are more likely to wonder which type to use: software as a service vs platform as a service vs infrastructure as a service.

Blog | IT Outposts

DevOps Adoption: Top 6 Essential Challenges

DevOps practices increase productivity and enhance workflows. However, there are certain DevOps adoption challenges and it is important to overcome them.

Blog | IT Outposts

How Can DevOps Security Be Integrated?

Over the years, software deployment and development have changed dramatically. A traditional operation had only one or two major releases

Blog | IT Outposts

What is CI?

So, what is a CI? CI is continuous integration, which means individual code changes from multiple developers are systematically integrated

Blog | IT Outposts

Top 7 DevOps Automation Tools

During the digital age, automation tools come in handy for engineers. IT automation tools are either being created or being

Blog | IT Outposts

What Is Kubernetes? Kubernetes Architecture Overview

The deployment and testing of modern software have been transformed by container-based microservices architectures like Kubernetes architecture. Modernizing businesses is

Blog | IT Outposts

Why Use CNI Plugins on Kubernetes

Providing standardized management of network interfaces is not easy. Check out the possibilities of plugins for CNI Kubernetes and find an easy solution for your tasks!

Blog | IT Outposts

Kubernetes Engines Compared: Full Guide

If you are looking for a container orchestration solution without reference to a particular cloud provider, the Kubernetes engine from

Blog | IT Outposts

Best Container Orchestration Tools

Learn about the best five container orchestration tools: Kubernetes, Mirantis, Mesos, Helios and Openshift

Blog | IT Outposts

AWS to Azure Migration: What You Need to Know

Specifics of AWS to Azure migration. Migrate your data and extend the capabilities of existing enterprise applications with the Microsoft Azure platform.

Blog | IT Outposts

Top-10 DevOps Configuration Management Tools

DevOps configuration management tools are sometimes less known and used due to developers wanting to fix and manage system configuration

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