Kubernetes Implementation

Kubernetes consists of many tools and, in combination with third-party services, it is a completely powerful platform for deploying applications. Kubernetes adoption involves many concepts and rollouts models for the productive use of this software. Kubernetes spans many operating systems and hardware, but it also relies on critical underlying technologies.

Another framework for running containers is the technology that makes it possible to run containerized annexes. The open-source code software also integrates with many toolkits and drivers to maintain logging and permanent storage services.

Kubernetes Implementation Services

Tools and Technologies We Use

In the highly competitive and digital marketplace, enterprises are containerizing and implementing workflow orchestration to precisely control workloads to gain a rival edge. Workloads are server parts, applications hosted on microservices, storage elements, etc. To perform this process well, companies require professional resources and suitable tools. Our team provides Kubernetes implementation using the following advanced tools:

Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services

MS Azure

Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services


Kubernetes Implementation Services

Kubernetes Implementation Services We are Highly Specialized

Our Kubernetes implementation services structure large-scale manufacturing deployments simply and cost-effectively. IT Outpost engineers assist develop high availability for critical enterprise applications and decrease infrastructure expenses. We apply the best practices implementation based on years of successful experience and provide high-quality services.

Batch realization

This software implementation enables the management of batch work operations and CI processes. When containers fail, our specialists replace them. Kubernetes uses two workflow resources: the Job object and the CronJob. They are responsible for producing the modules and do it again until the final quantity is completed.

Service discovery and workload balancing

This service eliminates needing to change the annex before using an unknown service detection mechanism. The Kubernetes software provides these Pods with their IP addresses for a group of Pods and spreads the load between them.

Stable Deployment

Our specialists keep the technology in a safe state and ensure uninterrupted operation. We develop the replica kit and check if it was successful. We carry out the element's movement with a controlled velocity and, if necessary, roll back to an earlier version. To make corrections, we pause deployments and audit old replicas that are not in use.

Configuration Management

We apply best practices for replication and deployment of the environment. Our team uses templates to automatically place components with different settings. When working with configuration, we do not rebuild the image, and the settings themselves are stored in the version control structure for quick reverting. Due to this, the cluster is promptly recreated.

Our Kubernetes Implementation Stages

The correct approach to the Kubernetes implementation increases the cluster rollout velocity and magnifies the container’s performance. With our services, you get infrastructure support. Our team provides businesses with customized solutions tailored to your requirements and scale. To properly introduce Kubernetes into your business, we employ a robust step-by-step strategy.

Kubernetes Implementation Services

Requirements definitions

Together with our team, we determine the final deployment date, evaluate the complexity of applications and the custom environments number. We analyze the current infrastructure state and define your actual automation platforms. Our specialists discuss clear maintenance goals and annex performance demands.

Architectural planning

Our team is defining a way to move applications to containers, looking into the number of clusters for environments, and identifying the components that require persistent state and how to manage them. We also evaluate the level of availability your business requires and the top disaster recovery requirements. We define access control demands for annexes.

Infrastructure setup

IT Outpost specialists determine the hosting platform of the Kubernetes environment: cloud or virtualization. We determine with you which approach you choose: cloud service provider, on-premise hosting or a hybrid method. We provide options for storing application container images and a reserve copying strategy. You approve the update control frequency and tracing requirements.


Our developers agree on the final implementation issues. We define the application server and expected software delivery stream, use container metadata in the delivery pipeline, and select integration points. Specialists evaluate annex components and determine whether to run them locally or remotely to increase performance.

Benefits of our Kubernetes Implementation

Previously it was believed that only giant companies could benefit from Kubernetes, but recent trends have shown benefits for enterprises of all development levels. Our experts assist you to capitalize on migrating workloads to K8s. The IT Outpost team solves recurring issues like stack updates, deployments, etc. This software offers many benefits once implemented and here are some of them.

Automatic deployments and rollbacks

With the use of Kubernetes, regular updates and annex configuration come into the life of your business. In parallel with these services, annex health is monitored to ensure that it does not wipe out your copies at the same time. When errors occur, Kubernetes reverts the changes.


Our team promptly restarts containers that give an error or fail. They are also rescheduling containers as nodes can die and kill containers. Thus, the system does not respond to the health verification and notifies of the need for maintenance, and such problems are promptly eliminated.

Setting bin packing

When using our services, containers are automatically placed in accordance with their requirements and restrictions, while maintaining availability. We combine important and complex workloads to increase application efficiency and save more resources.

Storage repository

Our team automatically mounts the repository system at your request, it can be cloud suppliers, a local repository, or a hybrid method. To run your annex flexibly, you are provided with persistent storage in containers.

Stabilize your annex deployments and balance workloads

IT Outpost conducts batch implementation for high-quality creation of modules and configuration management for automatic placement of components with different settings. Our team quickly provides Kubernetes adoption to your infrastructure. Write to us to start a new project.

Our Clients’ Feedback

Kubernetes Implementation Services
Petr Kirillov
CTO, C Teleport Kubernetes Implementation Services
Thanks to IT Outposts' efforts, we have kept their app deployment on schedule and achieved a great incident response time. IT Outposts is trustworthy and an expert in their field; they can come up with complex solutions on time, demonstrating outstanding experience.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Egor Prihodko
CEO, OneDayBundle Kubernetes Implementation Services
Cooperation with IT Outposts has been a game-changer for our business. Our main goal was to get certified with Amazon's strict security and operational rules so we could integrate our services directly with the Amazon marketplace. I'm thrilled to say we got access to Amazon's Selling Partner API.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Benjamin Theobald
COO, Maxxer Kubernetes Implementation Services
IT Outposts’ efforts have mitigated human errors and streamlined the development process, meeting expectations. They’ve facilitated a productive workflow through a collaborative approach. Their experience, accountability, and professionalism accentuate their high-quality output.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Konstantin Suhinin
Delivery Director, Dinarys GmbhKubernetes Implementation Services
The IT Outposts team created a detailed monitoring dashboard that ensured smooth project scalability for main cloud providers and performed high availability optimization for their platform. The company was quite happy to work with such talented professionals.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Philipp Nacht
CTO, Financial Services CompanyKubernetes Implementation Services
A responsible partner, IT Outpost has worked hard to handle the client's project, executing their dedication and commitment. The team has professionally accommodated all the client's requests. They are communicative, diligent, and knowledgeable in the workflow.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Alexander Konovalov
Founder, CEO, Vidby AGKubernetes Implementation Services
With the ongoing project, the team has prepared an architecture plan and has deployed the infrastructure of the platform. They are having an effective and smooth collaboration so far. The client is impressed by IT Outposts' commitment and accountability as their partnership continues.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Igor Churilov
BDM, Steelkiwi Inc.Kubernetes Implementation Services
IT Outposts helped the company automate and unify the product deployment workflow. They provided solutions that were successfully accepted by the company's internal project team. They led excellent communication that ensured a productive workflow.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Daniel Scott
CTO, Beta TraderKubernetes Implementation Services
IT Outposts successfully executed seamless project management by developing a productive strategy that managed confidential data, customer functions, and admission permissions. They worked closely with the client and communicated well. Their accountability and skills were notable in the workflow.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Kostyantyn Tolstopyat
CEO, AKMCreatorKubernetes Implementation Services
With IT Outposts, the company achieved their goal of deployment automation. The vendor team developed a thorough plan that led to about 30%–50% savings in time and faster project implementation. They impressed the client by being present at every stage of communication.
Philipp Werner
Director, Robotics LabKubernetes Implementation Services
So far, IT Outposts has reduced the client's internal infrastructure budget by 40%. The work is being done perfectly by the team, and they are willing to make any changes to improve the quality of their work. The team communicates effectively with the internal team to ensure a smooth workflow.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Oleksandr Popov
CEO, MriyarKubernetes Implementation Services
IT Outposts is monitoring over 35 servers and seven services, which has allowed them to outline a clear infrastructure to optimize underlying processes. They've also optimized the budget by about 40% and have a plan to further optimize resource use.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Chloe Morrisonn
Chief Product Owner, RECURKubernetes Implementation Services
IT Outposts has successfully performed the client’s requirements, meeting expectations. Their collaborative and communicative approach ensures an efficient and seamless workflow. Beyond their in-depth DevOps expertise, their outstanding project management is impressive.
Kubernetes Implementation Services
Dmytro Dobrytskyi
CEO, Mind StudiosKubernetes Implementation Services
IT Outposts helped the client move their infrastructure to AWS and configure Docker and Kubernetes for faster project environment setup. They also delivered detailed technical documentation and instructions on maintaining the new infrastructure. Moreover, the vendor was responsive and timely.
Kubernetes Implementation Services

Why Choose IT Outposts?

IT Outpost structures large-scale production deployments at the right time. Our engineers improve the availability of mission-critical enterprise applications and reduce infrastructure costs. Your company gets automatic deployments, self-healing in case of failures, and our specialists restart and reschedule containers. With our services, containers are automatically placed according to their requirements and restrictions while maintaining availability.


A Pod is the main element for running annexes in a cluster, while deployment is a tool for managing the behavior of a Pod.

A Namespace is a software object that assists to group and organize other elements, also separate them into a cluster. This concept helps structure and isolate resources according to their goal for several projects and users in a cluster.

The selector helps to define a set of objects, it is the primary means of grouping. Based on the values of modules, labels and nodes, the selector makes it possible to choose resources. The API currently supports two kinds of selectors: on equality and on the set.

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