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Migration of an enterprise IT infrastructure to a cloud might look similar to changing a physical office. But instead of boxes with hardware and furniture, your data, applications, and IT processes have to be packed and moved. As a result, a new working environment appears. And rest assured, you will enjoy working there. 

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Dmitry Vyshnyov

Dmitry has 5 years of professional IT experience developing numerous consumer & enterprise applications. Dmitry has also implemented infrastructure and process improvement projects for businesses of various sizes. Due to his broad experience, Dmitry quickly understands business needs and improves processes by using established DevOps tools supported by Agile practices. The areas of Dmitry’s expertise are extensive, namely: version control, cloud platform automation, virtualization, Atlassian JIRA, software development lifecycle, Confluence, Slack, Service Desk, Flowdock, Bitbucket, and CI/CD.

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