Terraform modules

Terraform Modules Overview

Learn how modules can solve configuration problems, how Terraform modules are structured, and how to create and use modules effectively in this tutorial.

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What is CI?

So, what is a CI? CI is continuous integration, which means individual code changes from multiple developers are systematically integrated

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Why Use CNI Plugins on Kubernetes

Providing standardized management of network interfaces is not easy. Check out the possibilities of plugins for CNI Kubernetes and find an easy solution for your tasks!

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Case study Handy.ai

Case:  DevOps workflow assistance, including cloud infrastructure budget optimization (migration from AWS), implementation of GitOps approach for CI/CD and new

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What is DevOps as a Service? Full Review

DevOps as a service should be implemented with a perfectly elaborated strategy. Understanding of its essence and benefits, backed by professional expertise, will help attain superior results.

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